Qualified 3.3U and 3.4U Inspectors undertake a variety of work within the industry from General Visual Inspections (GVI), Close Visual Inspections (CVI), Corrosion Monitoring, Pipeline Inspection and Diver Safety Monitoring.

GRS provides fully qualified and experienced holders of 3.3U and 3.4U Certificates including:

  • Client Inspection Representative
  • Corrosion Engineer
  • Integrity Engineer
  • CSWIP Inspection Engineer    
  • CSWIP Inspection Coordinator
  • Data Recorders
  • NDT Engineer             
  • Welding Inspector      
  • Inspection Engineer 3.4U, 3.3U
  • Inspection Engineer ACFM Level 1, 2                                                
  • CP Engineer, Video Eventer / Reviewer