• Safe                                 -    Because safety is never compromised
  • Integrity                           -    In everything we do, in every interaction, both internally and externally, we strive to operate with utmost integrity and mutual respect.
  • Long-term view              -    We are building our company for the long-term, a company that we can be proud of.
  • Open communication    -    Partnerships with our customers and co-workers must be based on trust, professionalism and transparency.
  • Customer focused         -    Our products enhance our customer’s performance. We listen to their needs and work with them to solve their challenges.
  • Good place to work       -    We are committed to creating a workplace that fosters innovation, teamwork and pride. Every team member is integral to our success, and is treated equally and fairly.
  • No one gets hurt            -    The safety of our employees and customers is our first priority, coupled with a healthy respect for the environment.

"To be the trusted people services partner of choice for clients, consultants and candidates engaged in the global oil and gas industry". Through our company values: safe, knowledgeable, innovative, passionate, inclusive and pragmatic, WE DELIVER, each and every time. 

  • Safe                                 -     because safety is never compromised
  • Knowledgeable              -     well informed and insightful
  • Innovative                      -     forward thinking pioneering
  • Passionate                     -     passionate-strong belief and care in what we do
  • Inclusive                         -     engaging, consultative and respectful
  • Pragmatic                       -     problem solving in a realistic way
  • We Deliver                      -     we do what we say we will do

Our Core Values

Mission Values